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About the Sipe

In 2013, when 5 Point Fabrication opened its doors, the Tire Sipe was born. The Tire Sipe was an idea that originated by a couple of the owners of 5 Point Fabrication that were heavily into racing at the time. They were looking to help dirt track to street stock and late model racers gain a competitive advantage in the industry. Today, not only racers purchase the Tire Sipe, but also businesses that sell directly to the racing industry as well. The machine is a time saver and can easily sipe a tire in 8 minutes.

Roman, the owner of FlexAir, worked hand and hand with 5 Point to take the idea into a prototype design and eventually into production. Currently, the Patent on the Tire Sipe is pending. The machine is typically maintained by the clients that purchase the machine, however, Mike at 5 Point Fabrication assists in troubleshooting and helping in maintaining the Tire Sipe. There is a One Year Warranty on the Tire Sipe.

The customers maintain the machine.  Mike is always available to troubleshoot and assist with any issues or challenges. You can contact Mike at 920-606-0395 or email him at See more on the Tire Sipe.