Look at our Tire Sipe in action.


It's always better to see our products in action. This state of the art equipment is crafted with precision and accuracy to give you a product like no other.

We value our work and will make sure you are happy with your state of the art machine. Don't hesitate, call us today and get started with your own EZ Tire Sipe.

Key Points About the Tire Sipe

  • American Made
  • Fully Powder Coated Assembly
  • Runs on standard 110-120 Volt 9 Amp Outlet
  • Automatic Cycle Count with Integrated Auto Stop
  • Fully Adjustable Blade Dept and Spacing
  • Blades are Mounted in a Heated Head to Ensure Consistent Cut Depth
  • Adjustable Sipe Angel From 0-30 Degrees
  • Can Sipe a Tire 8" to 13" Wide
  • 8 Minute Cycle Time on Diamond Cuts
  • 4 Minute Cycle Time on a Straight Cut