An 8 minute tire sipe with diamond cuts. True Story.

In 2013, when 5 Point Fabrication opened its doors, the EZ Sipe was born. The EZ Sipe was an idea that originated by a couple of the owners of 5 Point Fabrication that were heavily into racing at the time. They were looking to help dirt track racers from SSL tolm gain a competitive advantage in the industry. Today, not only racers purchase the EZ Sipe, but also businesses that sell tires. The machine is a time saver and can easily sipe a tire in 8 minutes. Plus the EZSipe, the EZ sipe stand, the EZwheel, EZ Prep Stand, EZhead and EZ sipe blades are all American made.

Roman, the owner of FlexAir, worked closely with 5 Point to take the idea into a prototype design and eventually into production. Currently, a patent on the EZ Sipe is pending. The machine is maintained by the customers that purchase the machine. There is a One Year Warranty on the EZ Sipe.

For more information or questions contact Mike at 920-606-0395 or email him at mike@5pointfab.com. To purchase or learn more about EZ Sipe equipment go to www.ezsipe.com.


Interested in the EZSipe?

Do you have questions about the EZSipe Machine? Our EZsipe Expert Mike Cook is on hand to help answer any questions you might have. Feel free to reach out to Mike (920) 606-0395, or email Mike at mike@5pointfab.com.


Our clients are racing to the EZsipe. It's the best tire sipe machine in the industry. Saving Time and Money.

If you're in the racing industry you know that time is money. 5 Point Fabrication began with an idea of creating a machine to make it easy and fast to sipe a tire. The EZ-Sipe was born. The patented machine specifically for the racing industry is like a phenonmenon like no other - easy to use, fast to sipe.

Why the EZsipe?

  • American Made
  • Fully Powder Coated Assembly
  • Standard 110-120 Volt 9 Amp Outlet
  • Automatic Cycle Count/Integrated Auto Stop
  • Fully Adjustable Blade Depth and Spacing
  • Mounted Blades in Heated HEad Ensures Consistent Cut Depth
  • Sipes 0-30 Degrees - Adjustable
  • Sipes 8” to 13” Wide Tire
  • 8 Minute Cycle Time on Diamond Cuts
  • 4 Minute Cycle TIme on a Straight Cut