ABOUT US: Beyond Welding and Fabricating

With over 91 years of custom metal fabrication experience and the desire to provide value added customer service, along with top quality parts, 5 Points fabrication's owners/employees are eager to be an asset to the custom metal fabrication industry and community. All of the employees have a deep passion for the custom metal fabrication trade and take pride in building quality parts. Some projects go as far as turn-key assemblies and help to better serve many industries!

With various backgrounds, attaining skills through hands on experience and on the job training, 5 Point's Team offers a wide variety of experiences and knowledge that the industry needs on its side. The Team is unselfish with a primary desire to maintain a metal fabrication business that exceeds other companies in the area. The internal strategy is to secure the best talent, by offering an exceptional environment where team members can contribute, learn, and grow with the company.   5 Point Fabrication will be built on a strong foundation of lean management, talent, and a well-rounded knowledge of the trade.


Combining trust, respect, and hard work, 5 Point Fabrication executes engaging employees at every level, utilizing the best talent, to be the premier custom metal fabrication shop in the Midwest. Holding all accountable and emphasizing personal character with genuine authenticity, shows we care. Our core values strive to help our customers, vendors, and employees succeed!

5 Point Fabrication
1680 Cornell Road
Green Bay, WI 54313
(920) 617-3802
Hours: 7am-4pm

Metal Fabrication
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